Amazon gifts

This new section is a fine selection of my best Amazon purchases ever made, most stuff is between 20 and 100 dollars. Great amazon gifts for your family, friends or yourself! :)

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links, this is currently my only way of monetizing this site and at least pay for the hosting. Thanks for your trust!

Hand Training

Captains of Crush and NSD Powerball Titan

Best grippers for hand training, Powerball and Captains of Crush

These grippers are like the best on the web. Great grip and strength training for your hands. Make sure to choose wisely the hardness level. Mine is #2 (200lbs) and it is hard enough unless you are a titan haha. #3 (280lbs) is for really strong people, and #4 is just impossible for most humans, if I am not wrong only a couple of dudes worldwide have managed to close it. A good idea is to buy the “trainer” and the “#2” but it is up to you!

The Powerball Titan is the best spinner ever made, its size is bigger than other spinners from NSD or others, the quality is stunning and your forearms really get a good pump from this! Addictive, fun and effective.


Warm light desk lamp

Aukey metallic reading lamp

Aukey desk lamp with warm light to prevent blue light at night

Aukey is such a great manufacturer, I own the LT-10 model but it is apparently non available in the American Amazon site (as you know I am from Spain). This one looks in fact better: its base is metallic instead of plastic. The warmest you can go is 2700k which is hotter (more reddish) than LT-10 model. And at a cheaper price, 30 bucks instead of 50 that I paid for mine! The only downside is that it looks smaller than mine.


Stainless steel therm bottles

Laken Thermo Futura stainless steel

Laken Therm best stainless steel bottles BPA free, made in Spain

I am proud of this brand as it is 100% made in Spain :) It is an absolutely top notch bottle and will last forever if you care about it (i.e. dont drop it to the floor or the metal will get damage, just like a metal body smartphone). Otherwise completely safe, BPA-free and junk-free bottle to drink from! It also keeps temperature, be it cold or warm liquids. Laken offers safe aluminium bottles too, which won’t degrade aluminium into water thanks to its special coating, but I still prefer stainless steel. Not sure if it is known in America, but you should! The link leads to ‘Futura’ model which is the one I own, get the 25oz version it is the most convenient in general.


Glass food containers

Emsa clip&close container

Glass containers tupperware BPA-free food storage

As with bottles, the same applies for food storage. Stop using long-term dangerous plastics! Glass is the way to go in my opinion, they are more stylish than plastic and got cleaned easier. I picked Emsa because I like the size format, other brands are too tall and I like eating directly in them when I brought my food to work. But yeah you can pick other brands like Luminarc which is equally fine.


Activity tracker smartwatch

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3 the best fitness smartwatch activity tracker

Without a doubt the Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the current king of smartwatches focused on fitness and activity tracking. It is much more precise than other models and offers a lot of unique features, you can do your research out there but it beats Fitbit Ionic in almost all departments except the sleep tracking where Ionic wins, and aesthetically, yeah the screen of the Vivoactive is not as appealing as the Fitbit. If you just care about health and fitness parameters pick the Vivoactive 3!

If you are looking for a cheaper but still functional and good looking fitness watch, the Amazfit Bip is probably the way to go.


Pitcher water filters

ZeroWater store in Amazon

Zero Water pitcher filter the most effective jar fluoride free water

Okay I linked to the whole store cause there are lots of different jars made by ZeroWater and they all share the same effectiveness. These filters are awesome, way way better than most famous Brita, you can see the chart for toxics removal here. I tested it myself at home, my tap water is usually around 110-150 TDS depending on the day, my Brita which uses activated charcoal reduces the TDS to 60-80, while my ZeroWater drops it to zero. And the filter lasts like 3-4 months, we are 4 people at home. I read tap water is more polluted in some American places like 300 TDS, so it might last fewer for you.

I still keep my old Brita and I still pre-filter my tap water with it, then put this water in the ZeroWater for a total zero waste water :) This way my Zero Water filter last a bit longer! Hope you like this trick. Other way if you don’t already own a pitcher filter is just buy 2 units and do the same, for a while you can just use one until your TDS meter reads 10 or more, then start using this trick. Don’t expect magic, infinite results but it works! Notice: zerowater removes EVERYTHING except H20 so you can lose trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. good stuff in your water. I think this is a fair payout for getting rid of fluorides, bromides, arsenic, mercuty, lead, etc. specially if you follow a nutritious diet.


Massage ball

Marnur massage balls

Marnur massage balls amazon foam roller substitute

These balls feel good after a strenous gym session or a long day at job. Great for every muscle in your anatomy specially for legs, similar effect to foamroller! Demonstrated recovery effects. The pack includes a blue and a green unit, you don’t really need 2 of them at the same time so you can share one of them with family or friends :) They are easily washed and look good in your desk.


Antioxidants and palatability

Aronia chokeberry powder

Aronia chokeberry powder to curve sugar cravings

Aronia berries are awesome, try them either in dried or powder form. Highest ORAC score and mysterious new flavors to you. I find this is a very great ingredient for fighting sugar addiction. As it is both bitter and astringent, your senses get refined within time. Try it out! I always advocate for including bitter, sour and astringent flavors to your diet, as most people just eat sweet or umami stuff. More of this in further articles! You are subscribed to this blog right? :)


Blue block filtering glasses

Gunnar Sheadog

best blue light block glasses Gunnar Sheadog

My favorite glasses as they are both effective and stylish. Don’t mind the written stuff I was just messing with my Spanish buddies at Twitter :D

In case you purely want deep orange glasses there are better options like UVEX, as you see the color tint is modest in Gunnar, nonetheless they are perfect for blocking the most damaging light spectre and the eye strain that fluorescents and electronic displays give you after long exposure. I am very happy with Gunnar, I combine them with the well known f.lux software and my previously shown warm-light desk lamp.


Lots of books!!!! My latest has been Fung – The Diabetes Code and I am very happy about it, was a gift for my mum who has T2D and she is already incorporating some changes. Fung did it! I will make a dedicated article to books, in the mean you can browse the trending health books at the moment.


Bitter Melon ‘Glycostat’ – Jarrow Formulas

More about supplements coming soon. My all-round favorite is Bitter Melon also known as balsamine, momordica charantia or bitter gourd. The ‘Glycostat’ formula by Jarrow is the best one. You can buy it either at Amazon or iHerb (affiliate link).

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