About Mediterranean.men

Welcome to Mediterranean.men, your source for a healthy lifestyle following the mediterranean diet guidelines without despising awesome foods from other parts of the world and vanguardist supplements that do work. We will help you pursue 4 things: low body fat percentage, hormonal optimization, longevity, and brain health. In other words: physical and mental wellness.

Our logo is an olive tree which is the quintessential icon of mediterranean diet, a tree that can live up to 2,000 years old. In fact some of the oldest trees in Europe are olives! We are using some Greek-style fonts, this is causing some problems in mobile devices (and the font sizes!) but we will get it solved.

I am starting this venture at 9/11/2017 and tons of things are still “under construction” so I appreciate your patience :)

About me

My name is Daniel, 32, and I am from Spain where I still live near the somehow popular wine region Toro, I even run my tiny vinyard and personal winery. Great stuff! This is my second (not secondary) website: 3 years ago I started the blog “Daniscience” (google for it), a blog about ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and anaerobic training. In that site I have brought lots of info for Spanish readers gathered in American blogs and forums, so I thought: why not working the other way around? Let’s run an English site and show the people the wonders of mediterranean lifestyle and things that are mainstream in Spain. In case you understand Spanish and want to have a good read, don’t hesitate to check Daniscience.

About mediterranean diet in Spain